Six Degrees of Radio songs Drop Dead Cynical

Drop Dead Cynical

by Amaranthe

~ the song that makes you a fan ~

Everyone has that first song that you heard by a certain artist that made you a fan of that artist. This one is mine for these guys. Satellite radio gives you way too many options. Sort of like cable TV, only easier to dial around and harder to look ahead on the guide. But every now and then, you dial into another station that has a song you like, and then you stay there for a few more, and then something like this comes on.

Heavy staccato intro, nice guitar riff, and then HOLY SHIT THAT GIRL CAN SING. She just peels the paint off the car as you’re cruising around and you wish you had a repeat button to hear it all over again. You end up snapping a cell phone picture of the display screen so you don’t forget how to spell the band’s name, and then hit YouTube when you get home to put the song on repeat.

The death growl vocals need to go away. They’re not charming and they’re not enjoyable. But otherwise this is a great tune they could turn anyone into a fan

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