Six Degrees of Radio songs Down Together

Down Together

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by The Refreshments

~ From a very specific time and place ~

Yes, these guys are from Arizona, and yes Roger Clyne has gone on to do a whole bunch of more southwestern-flavored country rock since The Refreshments broke up (and we’ll get to some of it at some point). But in the mid-90s these guys were all over local radio out on the Central coast of California, everywhere from Santa Barbara to Monterey. You caught them in heavy rotation on stations out of Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, as well as King City and Salinas. Take a drive to LA and they disappeared from the radio. Head up to San Francisco, and you’ll never find them. But from ‘95 to ‘97, you couldn’t miss these guys on the airwaves in the Middle Kingdom.

This was one of their two more popular songs, and it’s the slightly more heartfelt one with the singer clearly building out something meaningful for his significant other without turning it into a sappy, bombastic mid-80s power ballad. It’s a fun, classy, and well-executed slice of radio rock that has a very specific time and place association based on just how much it was heard and where.

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