Six Degrees of Radio songs Did Ye Get Healed?

Did Ye Get Healed?

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by Van Morrison

~ Yes, that’s a clarinet ~

And yes, you’re already humming along with a clarinet groove from one of rock & roll’s earliest masters.

I always enjoyed the radio tracks from Van Morrison (you know the ones) but about 15 years ago I started to really dig into his catalog. I started with the Bang Masters greatest hits, and then went from there into his older catalog, like Astral Weeks and Tupelo Honey. I started to understand Uma Thurman’s Van Morrison reference from Beautiful Girls. It just took me a while.

Oh, the song? What? I mean, there’s not much to say about this other than we are so used to excellence from Van Morrison that a song that would be the top five tune from almost any other classic artist almost feels like a filler track on his greatest hits album. Grab a drink and enjoy your weekend!

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