Six Degrees of Radio songs Dance Across The Floor

Dance Across The Floor

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by Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne

~ The things you find on YouTube ~

Look, by virtually any objective measure, this is a crap song. That’s OK though – crap songs have their moments in the sun in the pantheon of music. This one happened to come not during a b-roll cut of Saturday Night Fever, but on YouTube. Some chucklehead used it as the music bed for a video of North Korean military parades and dancing citizenry. No, the song has absolutely nothing to do with the Norks, other than to solidly mock them for their staged spontaneity. It’s goofy and it’s fun and it perfectly skewers the overly serious nature of North Korea’s public face.

It’s not a bad groove, it just leaves a lot to be desired lyrically and it goes on for about 3 minutes longer than it needs to. Why Jackie Wilson was forced to operate in half this length of time is a mystery. Actually, it’s not much of a mystery: The extended cut kept bootys shaking on the dance floor for a couple of months in the late 70s and that’s all the DJ needed to care about at the time

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