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by Gary Numan

~ The 80s keyboard savant… from the 70s ~

You know this riff, I know this riff, everybody knows this riff. There’s no words to it, but if you don’t think it’s the chorus to this song, then you just don’t understand songwriting.

It’s pretty clear how the title of the song ties in with the lyrics given that it’s one of the most repeated words and often used as the last word before the chorus riff kicks in. It’s also very clearly a wordless chorus on Numan’s only real hit.

It’s always lumped in with ’80s music, even though the song was released in 1979, probably because of its prominence on MTV in the early days.

This week, we’re covering nothing but songs with wordless choruses – every one of the tunes this week has a chorus with no words in it.

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