Begging You

by The Stone Roses

~  Not what they’re famous for ~

It’s an incredibly frenetic keyboard riff with a driving baseline that takes their ‘Madchester’ sound and cross-pollinates it with some early Moby-style techno. It’s fast, and hyper, and pretty much not at all what you expect from the Stone Roses.

I had this cassette back when I first got to California, and side 2 was frequently the soundtrack for my 80-minute commute south through the hills of G14 to the 101 and off to Paso Robles. This was the perfect kickstart to the twisty drive on my way to the highway, and rarely at legal speeds.

I can also distinctly remember the Dan Patrick show back when it was on ESPN radio using this as a rejoin out of commercials more than a few times. Oh, and I’d never seen the ‘official’ video until I looked it up for this entry. Yeah, it’s weird.

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