Six Degrees of Radio songs Metal Monday: Be Legendary

Metal Monday: Be Legendary

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by Pop Evil

~ Really wish these guys had a different name ~

Seriously, it’s a crappy name for a band as good as they are with as much lyrical and musical versatility as they have. They’ve got cheesy ’80s big hair sing-along girls-&-guitars riff-fests, extended thought-provoking tunes that border on prog rock, and then ones like this with solid inspirational musings and some killer riffs that would sound great pumping the crowd up before a game through a stadium PA if anybody could get past the name of the band on the CD.

You could legitimately play this tune back-to-back with something from Skillet and it would all fit together just fine, but no one wants to announce “Pop Evil” on the PA. It’s a dumb name that doesn’t really sound foreboding enough for the black metal guys to glom onto it, and the mere presence of the word “evil” ensures that no self-respecting radio station is going to touch it.

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