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All The Money

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by Electric Angels

~ Even the fillers were better than many bands’ hits ~

I really fell in love with the album while I was working at the radio station in the early ’90s, about two and a half years after it was released. The songwriting, and especially the lyrical phrasing, is light years ahead of most of the crap on the radio before then and honestly, much of what’s appeared since.

Part of the reason for love of this album was that the love/hate relationship with the lyrics and the ladies in their lives mirrored a lot of what was going on in my life at the time. As a guy with a degree in English, a background in journalism, and with a lot of writing under his belt, the wit and overall literacy of Jonathan Daniel (now a high-powered manager in the music biz) always impressed me, and still does today.

This was never getting released as a hit single, and has always been strictly an album cut. But give the lyrics a second listen and while it’s not like someone set Milton to glam-rock power pop, it’s better than what you’re getting from 90% of what’s on the radio these days. It’s a basic snare-driven hammering beat with some hanging chords in the bridge, and a Ryan letting loose an occasional snaky riff under the lyrics.

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