Six Degrees of Radio songs A Great Reckoning

A Great Reckoning

by The Damned Things

~ My son likes a hard rock song? ~

They say that kids aren’t necessarily fond of their parents’ music. My daughter has occasional good taste in regular music when she’s not off teenybopping it up. But my son lives and dies for largely mediocre hip-hop. It would be one thing if he was into hip-hop music with decent lyrical themes or intricate production, but he’s really just a fan of the things that are associated with his video games, or whatever the latest teenage heartbreak happens to be.

So when a hard rock tune comes on the mp3 player in the car, and my son tells me to go ahead and let it play instead of skipping it, you can imagine my surprise, especially if it’s someone off the beaten track like The Damned Things. This one has a nice slightly off-beat chorus where the rhythm section and the vocals are slightly syncopated, and it’s by design rather than by studio accident. What we get is a great sing along that also has a solid groove underneath it and not just someone singing on top of the riff

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