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by De-Phazz

~ The weird stuff you would find on file trading apps* ~

It was around Christmas time one year that I was in a Brookstone, probably looking for some goofy and largely useless gift for someone that probably didn’t need it, but that I likely felt obligated to give one to. I do remember the interesting electronic music that was playing on the overhead. It wasn’t your typical shopping mall K-lite 105 crap, but had a better, more euro groove to it.

When I asked the clerk what it was that was playing, he handed me a two CD set that Brookstone was busy selling. Instead of buying the CD like any other intelligent human, I tried to remember some of the artists from the back of it to go look them up later and see if I actually liked more of their music than just what was on the compilation. I should have bought the damn CD, given that I actually liked the songs on the compilation as evidenced by asking the clerk what it was I was listening to.

By the time I got home, the only one of those bands I could remember were these guys. I had looked them up and found a couple of different tunes from them to sample and see what I liked. This was the first of three songs that really grabbed me, and I’ve mixed it into car playlists for years. Later, I managed to track down a bunch of singles from these guys and I now have a decently robust collection of De-Phazz tunes. 

But… I have no idea what song that was playing in Brookstone 20 years ago they got me started on this trip in the first place.

* allegedly… I can’t imagine anyone who might have personal first-hand knowledge of such nefarious activities, unless it’s the RIAA and Big Champagne.

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