Day: April 15, 2021

Headstart For HappinessHeadstart For Happiness

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by The Style Council

~ The modfather strikes again ~

How many hit singles with the hum-along riff are played on a fiddle? Seriously? This track from one of their best albums really drives home any number of mid 80s UK society talking points, while doing it in an upbeat and pop-minded track that just sounds great on a sunny afternoon coming out of the car speakers. The backup singers in the vocal chorus include his future wife DC Lee, and lend a more soulful sound to what was otherwise a pretty pale UK pop song

Paul Weller absolutely belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not just for his chameleon-like career, but for the influence he’s had on so many other artists, especially outside the US. The fact that a ‘filler’ track on the debut album from what was essentially a side project is better than 90% of what was out there at the time should give you some insight into the overall quality of his output.

The actual video is crap. Mick Talbot is hardly ever not seen with a scarf. The dude probably wears one with a swimsuit on the French Riviera in August. The girls pretending to play the horns look like they’re in a hostage video and trying to signal a rescue effort with their eyelids. DC Lee looks like she just rolled out of bed at 2am and told to try to look like she cares. It’s hard to believe they managed completely tank such an upbeat and remarkable tune with a shitty audio mix in the video and the band looking like they’re animatronics from Madame Tussaud’s.