Six Degrees of Radio songs Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark

by Ozzy Osbourne

~ Ozzy takes MTV ~

Ozzy had been on MTV before. His Speak of the Devil concert became one of the first weekend concerts, back when the MTV used to broadcast a concert each weekend. But his video for Shot in the Dark was one of his first that was not only a story-driven video, but the first time Ozzy found himself squaring off toe-to-toe in heavy rotation with folks like Michael Jackson and Wham.

Although it’s not a synth heavy tune (which was more common in the mid-80s among heavier bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest than you would expect) the mix is a little muddy and although the chorus lends itself well to a big sing-along, it’s definitely more on the pop side and less on the riff-driven hard rock side than we’re used to from Ozzy.

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