Day: March 19, 2021

Weekend BoyWeekend Boy

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by Candy

~ How the radio guys wreck a song ~

If the only version of this song you ever heard was the one that actually made it onto their 1985 debut album, you would wonder why anyone would even remotely like it. Yeah, there’s some vocal harmony on it but it’s executed with half-assed effort and sounds like a 45 being played on 33. 

Thank God they went back and re-released a lot of their early demos 15 years later as a part of a retrospective compilation and you got to hear the exuberance and energy of the original version. They pulled out the vocal-only idiotic half-speed intro in favor of an echoing guitar part that really sets the stage for what should have been a great mid 80’s pop hit with some clever lyrics and excellent sing-along chorus harmonies.

It’s amazing how much the record guys dick up along the way and yet nobody will get rid of them and let the bands actually follow their instincts with the songs they write. We saw this before with Stone Roses and “Love Spreads” too. Bastards.