Day: February 26, 2021

Hey JealousyHey Jealousy

by Gin Blossoms

~ The song that establishes the sound ~

These guys got lumped in with “alternative” music in the mid-90s even though it’s just straight ahead guitars-and-bass rock & roll. No one really knew what to call rock & roll in the mid-90s since everything somehow had to be segmented for marketing purposes. It was a pretty solid, unpretentious song with a catchy chorus and a nice sliding guitar riff underneath the verse. It’s a pretty unmistakable intro, and at the time they were one of the very few rock bands to show up on the charts as they were obviously not a grunge act, and predated both Counting Crowes and Hootie and the Blowfish going national by roughly a year. 

The whole album is a great set of rock songs. Some heavier, some mellower, almost all of them catchy, radio-worthy tunes. It’s a shame their career didn’t turn out to be longer. It’s nothing revolutionary, nothing groundbreaking, and nothing to really light the world on fire.

It’s radio-friendly rock songs executed very well. Nothing wrong with sticking to the basics and doing them right.