Day: February 18, 2021


by Van Morrison

~ It’s a whistle along song ~

Van Morrison is The Godfather of adult alternative radio. It is classic songwriting with familiar grooves that can always put a smile on your face.

There are sing-along-songs and there are hum-along-songs and there are air-guitar-songs, but this one has you whistling that horn riff all day long. If it’s the last song you hear in the car before you head into work, you’re whistling that riff the entire time you’re at work. If it’s the last song you hear in the car before you get home, you’re whistling it to yourself while you’re fixing dinner. If it’s the last song you hear on the radio in the house before you get in the car, you don’t even turn on the radio in the car as you keep whistling along and replaying the swinging your head. Get back with me in 20 minutes and let me know how often you’ve whistled along with that horn riff after listening to it again.

As soon as you hear that little hammered high-pitched guitar riff, its a straight endorphin injection into your brain, just anticipating one of rock & roll’s most enduring hip tunes as the rest of the band eases into the groove, starting with the wooden block on the drums, then the piano, then the rest. Oh yeah, and the horns.

If you’re building a mixtape, you’ll almost never find someone objecting to this being on it.