Day: October 5, 2020

Dangerous DrugDangerous Drug

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by the Electric Angels

~ Yes, I’ve played this one live ~

When you’re the one booking all of the bands for the long concert outside a couple of dorms in college, you get to book yourself as one of them. We put together a short four song set, with two guys in the rhythm section that I played with off and on quite a bit and a lead guitarist who lived in my suite and was way better than you would expect for an 18-year-old.

He and I had practiced up in my dorm room for the better part of three weeks going into the show, and the bass player sat in with us a few times. I had played with both the bassist and drummer many times on different gigs, and including some bad four-track recordings of a few songs I’d written.

But what was most memorable about this live gig was after soundcheck as we’re getting ready to count in the opening number, I turn around and see the lead guitarist and the drummer introducing themselves to each other & shaking hands because they never actually met at a rehearsal and our first full gig as a four piece was that live show in front of several hundred people

You know what? It all worked out and everyone had a good time.