Day: August 10, 2020

Call BackCall Back

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by Truth & Salvage Co.

~ Everybody has one good song ~

You would think that a roots-rock Americana band, with the combination of rich acoustic guitars, and a bass player who knows exactly when to come in, would be way up there on my favorite artist list, but this is really the only song by these guys I like.

And I really like it.

It’s a nice mixture of harmonized vocals, and a bass player that pops in exactly when he needs to and disappears exactly when he needs to. The organ complements the chorus right where it’s needed. And the lead lines don’t overwhelm the song with the guitarist’s ego.

The lyrics are clearly a solid story of loss, longing, and regret. The guy can’t wait to hit the road, and then he can’t wait to get home. Yes, he’s schizophrenic, but find me a musician that isn’t. The drummer knows when to fill and pump up the rest of the band, and he knows when it’s time to just hold the beat and let everyone else do their thing. Overall, it’s a master work of production and performance, and you wish they had more tunes like this.